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Wheeler Pulliam, PhD

Wheeler Pulliam, PhD

Managing Partner

Wheeler is the founder of Xponify Financial, where he helps individuals and business owners plan for their financial needs. He founded his own practice because he wanted to serve clients independently and have the flexibility to act in their best interests. He began his career in the corporate side of finance because he was drawn to the excitement, but after getting married and having his twin daughters, he realized that he craved the autonomy of owning his own firm. Today, he’s able to help clients with their financial needs and still be home for dinner with his family.

In addition to his financial background, Wheeler also has a varied life background. He served in the United States Army Infantry and as a veteran, he is still passionate about helping others. He also has a very comprehensive educational background and holds his MBA, Masters in HR, and a PhD. Wheeler enjoys always educating himself and his clients on today’s changing financial landscape. He enjoys building personalized portfolios for each client and serving in an independent role.

Wheeler is originally from a small town in Mississippi and now lives in North Dallas with his wife and twin daughters. He enjoys the long-established neighborhood he lives in and has always been passionate about being involved in the community. He is involved with Riverside Church of Christ, his local neighborhood church, the North Texas Food Bank, the community colleges in his area, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. When he’s not chasing around his two 5-year-olds or taking the family out for pizza, Wheeler enjoys golfing, running, and cheering on Mississippi State. He believes in leaving the world a little better than he found it and does this through his work with clients, his dedicated attention to his family, and his community outreach.