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We have identified common gaps in many of our clients’ financial plans, which is why we specialize in four main disciplines: retirement planning, long-term care, college savings, and benefits plants for independent businesses. 

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is one of the most important services we offer because many of our clients are concerned with outliving their assets. Planning for retirement is much more complicated than putting your information into a retirement savings calculator. We help you understand the complexity, time, and robustness required to develop a full retirement planning strategy.

Long-Term Care
Many women will need some form of long-term care in their lifetimes. LTC is a financial aspect that is often used but rarely planned for. We can help you plan for your future so if you need LTC, you’re in good hands.

College Savings
College is one of the most important investments you can make in your children or grandchildren. We help you understand how much you’ll need to save and how to get there to give your family the education they deserve.

Benefits Plans for Independent Businesses
We work with business owners to help them structure benefits packages. This includes addressing retirement savings, 401(k) plans, tax advantaged packages, and more. We believe that business owners are the backbone of our economy and we enjoy helping them pursue success.

As independent financial advisors, we offer unbiased advice to our clients and their families. We believe that instead of pushing products or trying to reach a certain quota, our greatest value lies in listening to our clients and providing customized recommendations for their needs. Just as two clients aren’t the same, two financial strategies shouldn’t be, either.